Tips to Earn your VersaPoints at SFI

To get the highest number of VersaPoints
each day….do as I do at SFI each day!

From your Affiliate Center…
Go to the HOME tab on the left…
Click on home and in the drop-down
list you’ll see…the To-Do List.

Here you’ll find all the ways to earn
versa points each day on your SFI
Ledger Page.

The list includes: Daily Actions,
Weekly Actions, Monthly Actions,
TripleClicks and Intermediate
Actions for you to do.

Please do the Getting-Started Actions
when you are just beginning! Because
you need to confirm your registration,
complete your Affiliate Profile, register
as an a2a member and send your sponsor
your Commitment Message (295 VP) for
just these actions.

Then upload your picture, enter a greeting
and follow SFI on Twitter and Facebook.

When these are done, I will send you some
TripleClick points to use to play Eager
Zebra games or to bid at the auctions.

Please send me a note that you have
completed these chores!

Be sure to play the free Daily Grand every
day so you may win TripleClick points and
play the Time-Machine every hour you are
online with SFI. You may win VersaPoints
here as well.

Also, play the Card King game twice for
free. You will earn Member Rewards Points.

To answer some of the Points Questions
check out the Compensation Plan! Use
the search box at the top of your
Affiliate Page with specific questions.

Send me an email or team mail to let me
know how you are doing or if you need
clarification on any of this information.

Thanks for reading this…And I wish you
the best in your new online business.

Ruthe Monteith,

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